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Super Aging and Housekeeping Genes

I've spoken so frequently about mitochondria that even I am sick of our lovely girls. I have written about Neurogenesis and BDNF and telomeres, suggesting supplements and lifestyles, all having to do with successfully navigating our aging. I haven't been able to promise you immortality (working on it) or even a longer lifespan, but I can and will promise you a longer health span if you trust me to give you the latest lifestyle research in Super Aging with the concepts of "compressed mortality" or "living long and dying short." Then all you have to do is do it!

Sirtuins or as we fondly call them, "sirts", are the body's housekeeping genes. They regulate cell function, including blood sugar metabolism, cell death, inflammation and longevity. They also regulate brain plasticity, memory functions and telomere length. They control the rate at which we age by up to 60%. Like you, I want to do everything in my power to keep my sirts happy.

Let's start with foods that they like: Cranberries, blackberries, green tea, dark chocolate (thank you, God), kale, olives and EVOO, parsley, red onions, garlic, turmeric, fish, coffee and red wine.

Now for the supplements they like: Thorne's Nia-cel or nicotinamide riboside, panex ginseng, gingko, alpha lipoic, Q 100, Pterostilbene, PQQ, berberine, turmeric, gotu kola, hawthorn and even one pharmaceutical Metformin because it lowers blood sugar.

And lifestyle? Sirts love the cold, so turn off the hot water at the end of your shower and make your sirts happy. They also love exercise, the sun, fasting (the usual 12-13 hours every night) and calorie restriction. By the way, our good friends, the mice who take all the research punches for us, have come through for us again: Scientists have discovered that the mice who fast the longest have the longest lives. (Science News, (9/7/18)

Constipation: It happens to all of us now and again no matter how much magnesium we take or how much fiber we eat. So here are some extra tips for you in case you are having one of those times and would love to stop worrying about it. Try yogurt, kefir, prunes, figs, pulses, bran, broccoli, apples, pears, raspberries, olive and flaxseed oil and sauerkraut. Or try my Triphala, Young Livings Comfortone and as a last resort, get yourself going with OTC senna and stool softener. Don't lose hope. It WILL happen one of these days. I promise.

Fiber and brain inflammation: So, another reason for psyllium and chia seed pudding. (Ask me for my Chia Seed handout.) What happens is this: As we age, the microglia in the brain (which are our immune cells and help clean up the brain as we sleep, thus preventing dementia) become chronically inflamed. (Univ. of Illinois College, 9/14/2018) In this state of inflammation, they produce chemicals known to impair cognitive and motor function. But, wait, not to worry! Dietary fiber will help, esp. soluble fiber like beans or chia or anything that will turn to a gel in your gut. If you reduce the inflammation in your gut, then voila, the brain inflammation is reduced as well, thus proving the importance of the gut-brain connection, especially in the elderly.

Probiotics: Probiotics have a dark side, especially for those of us with SIBO or Leaky Gut. And this news is new to me. But it seems that if your gut is all screwed up, and you have a leaky Iliocecal valve (lower right side where your appendix is) then if you take probiotics, there is a possibility that the good bugs (from the probiotics that you faithfully take) in your colon will reflux back into your small intestine through your open and/or floppy ICV thus creating havoc because the colon bugs do not belong in your small intestine. Your symptoms may be bloating and brain fog. Please let me know and from now on I will not renew a probiotic supplement without testing you first.

Red meat and bacon: Sorry, but it's official. They cause cancer. (Dr. Oz, 9/11/18) In a study that's now 3 years old, the WHO reported that they reviewed more than 800 studies and found that eating more than 100 grams of red meat per day was associated with a 17% higher risk of colorectal, pancreatic, stomach and prostate cancers. Now, hold on. 100 grams is an awful lot of red meat. I suggest you continue eating your grass-fed, grass-finished beef, but not so much. I'm eating about 2-3 ounces per serving maybe once a week. You have to be moderate, that's all. Same with bacon: Not every day, but maybe on Sunday.

Flu vaccine, 2018 version: Just read that this year's flu vaccine is only 20% effective. (Science News, 4/19/18). It's up to you, but it's a why bother to me.

Organic Dairy: Cornucopia Institute who does a lot of research on organic products has just finished a project on organic dairy. I found it very revealing and what I thought was organic maybe isn't. Here are the results, greatly edited.

They measured the cleanliness and organic-ness of products by rewarding them emoji-type "cows" e.g. A 5 cow rating is the best and a 0 cow is the worst.

There was only one 5-cow rating that I had even heard of: Maple Hill Creamery.

Then 4-cows included Stoney Field, Organic Valley, Kalona and Redwood Farms.

3-cow included Nancy's and Cowgirl Creamery.

2-cow included Boulder ice cream. 1-cow included Kirkland, Trader Joe's, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart, Target.

Now for the loser or the worst, or 0-cow rating. Get ready. You will be as shocked as I was: Horizon, Pavel's, Applegate Farms and Similac.

Low Dose aspirin: So, not so great anymore and not for everyone. Apparently the dose and the weight of who's taking LDA have significant effects on the outcome. (The Lancet, 2018) If you weigh less than 154 lbs., LDA will lower your risk of a CV event by 23%, but has no effect on people weighing more than 154 lbs. In fact if you take LDA and weigh more than 154 lbs, the LDA will increase your risk for a fatal CV event. In this case, you are supposed to take more aspirin: "Higher doses 325 to 500 mgs. per day were effective in lowering CV risk in people who weighed more than 154 lbs.

Keeping the Girls HappyCoQ 100 is intimately involved in energy production, helps protect your cell membranes and is a signaling molecule. 2) Either quercetin or "enhanced quercetin" called pterostilbene (preferable). It's a flavonoid antioxidant, antiatherogenic, anticarcinogenic and it can increase NAD+ levels.

3) Berberine is a powerful AMPK activator which is necessary for cell cleanup AKA mitochondrial autophagy. 4) PQQ is a cousin to CoQ 10 (and actually should be taken together for more bang for your buck...) so is involved in energy production. PQQ also protects against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

5) Magnesium, our very good friend, plays an important role in the production of ATP which is the mitochondrial fuel and also does some repair work on the side.

6) Alpha Lipoic Acid: Researchers have actually labelled ALA a "mitochondrial nutrient", so enough said about this. Just take about 300 mgs. daily, preferably Xymogen's brand. It's good. 7) Nicotinamide Riboside or Thorne's Nia-cel acts like speed for your mitochondria. If they are lazy or lagging or if they are having a bad day, Nia-cel will kick butt.

Next, not a supplement but a diet: The Ketogenic Diet will drastically improve mitochondrial function. Pick up a free copy of my Ketogenic Pyramid - the green sheet - and start it today. I've been doing this since 2015 and I can attest to the life-changing aspects of eating this way.

And lastly, don't forget exercise as it gives your mitochondria girls a major boost, including improving age-related decline in muscle mitochondria (sarcopenia). HIIT is the very best, so next time you are in, pick up a copy of my Nitric Oxide Dump.

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