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Tis the Season of Joyful Eating...

... and now you don't feel so hot. Maybe it's just a kind of Minor Ick or maybe it's a Major Holy Flying Shirt Balls. Runny Nose? Diarrhea? Cough? Fever? Vomiting? Full body aches? At any rate, it's just your body doing it's elegant thing of either protecting you from self-induced poisons (food, drink) or external poisons like "that crab dip" or the runny nosed person next to you at the hors d'oeuvres table.

The worst thing you could do now is to try and stop or suppress your normal body reactions. It's only trying to help you. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have had a strong bout of food poisoning, you have experienced your body purging from both ends at once. This is your body screaming at you to "get those poisons out!" Do you really think it's a good idea to stop this process with medicines? No. It will only prolong the toxic condition.

The biggest danger is becoming dehydrated from excessive vomiting and diarrhea. Pinches of pink Himalayan sea salt chunks will help as will sucking on ice cubes. (If you don't take care of yourself at home, then here comes the hospital with rehydrating IV's.) You could also rub essential oils like peppermint, fennel or Di-Gize on your belly to help calm things down. Also, very lightly stroke your colon (below the naval) in a counter-clockwise motion to stop the diarrhea.

A cough or runny nose are also trying to get infections and/or poisons out of your body and should not be medicated unless it prevents you from sleeping. You cannot get well if you can't sleep. In full disclosure, I have been known to take Nyquil before bed just to assure myself that I will be able to sleep. Not sleeping will kill me faster than a slug or two of Nyquil.

Regarding mucus: If it's yellow or green you probably have a bacterial infection. Take Congaplex, Phytogen, Melia, Morinda, Echinacea, Goldenseal and/or Berberine. And lots of it. If your mucus is thin and clear, it's probably a virus. Take Immuplex, Phytogen, Congaplex, Olive Leaf, Woad or Melia. And lots of it. I will always add Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and increase my vitamin D to 30,000 iu's daily for as long as I am fighting the cold/flu.

Clear and thick mucus could be fungus, molds or yeast. The Mayo clinic, years ago, determined that 98% of all sinus infections are fungal, but I have found that it could be a bit of both fungus and bacteria. Again, Melia, Undecyn, SF 722, Golden Thread can help. And lots of it.

Remember, when you get sick, it's your body's way of telling you that you are toxic. Fever is telling you that you have an infection and your body is raising the temperature to kill the invaders. Every time you take an NSAID to lower your fever, you just prolong the infection in your body. As long as you stay hydrated, fevers rarely get dangerously high i.e. over 105. If you do have a fever of over 101, it's probably a bacterial infection. Take the above recommendations for that. If you have a fever of over 101 with full body aches, you probably have the flu. Take the above recommendations for virus. And if you feel like it, add passive sweating in a hot bath, sauna or steam room. Heat like this is great for speeding up the process of detoxing your body and killing the infection.

Not only is it The Season of Joyful Eating, it's the Exceedingly Dry Season for those of us living in Colorado. When it's cold and dry, we tend to drink less water, so it's really important to be aware of this and drink your allotted amount every day whether you are thirsty or not. Remember, it's half of your body weight in ounces every day. Eat a chunk or two of the pink Himalayan sea salt, too. Keeping our cells plump with water will help them repel any invaders. (We do not want weak, little sniveling dry things that cower in the mitochondria whining "Help me, Help me." No siree.) If you find a bloody nose in the morning when you wake up, drink more water.

Be careful when you shower, too. You do not have to soap-wash "everything." Just your armpits, groin area and maybe a swipe on your feet. I can't imagine that our arms and legs get dirty enough to need much more than the touch from the shower. And you will find that they will become much less dry if you don't scrub them. By the way, I use what the nurses use at BCH on my extremities: Medline Remedy Skin Repair Cream Every Day Moisturizer. (Amazon) It's pretty clean and smells just right to me.

You also might want to take more fish oil this time of year. Actually, more oils just in general in the form of avocado, coconut oil, EVOO. It will help your dry skin, joint pain, brain function and inflammation.

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