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November Newsletter 2021

Why do I continue to torture myself reading Dr. Mercola's Newsletter? When I know what a rabid right wing conspiracy theorist he is? When he spouts utter nonsense in his daily email and continually quotes 2, maybe 3 right wing pundit-crazy heads (Catherine Austin Fitts is one, Sheri Tenpenny is another and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is yet another) and then assigns them the dubious honor of being the end all, be all on the credibility of Fauci, the CDC, the NIH and what they are calling "the jab".

Not too long ago Dr. Mercola reported, with much misplaced hoopla on ONE death from "the jab" (vaccination), wanting us to believe that this ONE person who died could be ALL people who choose to be COVID vaccinated. And, of course, he and others of his ilk claim that the deaths in the vaccinated are being vastly and criminally underreported. ("Says who?" says I.) Furthermore, he thinks that pretty soon we will need our proof of vaccination card to go anywhere, all a plot, of course, from the Cabal and Overseers to control us, the Sheeple.

So, why do I keep reading him? Even though I have massive disagreements with him regarding the vax? Well, 1) because I have a morbid curiosity about freaky sci-fi stuff and his nonsensical taradiddlings satisfy that and 2) when he sticks to what he is best at - how to stay healthy with natural healing - he is one of the more informed out there, despite his current allegiance to the dark side and his radical counter-opinions of the safety of the COVID vax.

I am in total agreement with him about how to stay healthy this winter as we are being told that COVID rates are going up in Colorado. But, FIRST, get your vaccination! Even though those of us who are now triple vaxxed are blessed with the most immunity that is currently available, we still do have that tiny risk. So, what I will do is continue doing the protective work with masks, supplements and distancing, just like you and I have been doing since March of 2020.

But, also let me put all of this into perspective. We have what I am calling two Colorados: The plains counties and "US." Boulder County is in the "US" category and we are 82% vaccinated. Our rates of COVID are not "exploding", nor is COVID "exploding" on the CU campus. For example, for the week of Nov 1-Nov 7, 5 people died of COVID in Boulder County: 2 were unvaccinated and in their 60's, 1 was unvaccinated and in his 40's and the last two were vaccinated but one was in their 80's the other in their 90's.

So, why are we being told that the rates in Colorado are dangerously "exploding"? "No one knows but there are a lot of guesses." (CPR News, 11/12/21) For one thing, only 62% of Coloradans are vaccinated and those vaccinations are primarily in the "US" counties like Boulder, Eagle and Broomfield. And even though a statewide 62% sounds like a lot, that means that 2 million Coloradans are not vaxxed.

Then you have Pueblo, Weld, El Paso and Mesa counties with low vax rates where COVID rates ARE literally exploding. And incidentally, these are the counties that voted for He Who Shall Not Be Named. A couple of other interesting facts are that 1) most of the cases are in people under 40, yet hospitalizations and deaths have been primarily in older Coloradans, and 2) 100% of the COVID outbreak is being caused by the Delta variant.

So, I will keep unhappily wearing my mask and being very careful as I "measure out my life in coffee spoons" like J. Alfred Prufrock for a while longe, and I will faithfully take what supplements I am recommending for immunity. Next time you are in the office, please ask me for a sheet with a list of the supplements that I and Dr. Mercola and many other natural docs are suggesting and I will muscle test you for the supplements appropriate for you.

If you want to stay healthy, prevent COVID and live long, STOP ALL SEED OILS aka The Hateful 8: (OH, gawd, not another thing to give up!). Yes and ASAP. A lot of new research has come out about the dangers of seed oils and here is your list of them for reference: safflower, grape seed, sunflower, corn, cottonseed, soy, rice bran and canola. They are extremely inflammatory and will kill you (slowly) from heart disease, atherosclerosis, obesity and/or diabetes. They are toxic fats called linoleic oils or PUFA's. Most of you healthy people won't have these oils in your pantries, but here's where you will find them: Chips in bags, commercial salad dressings, all processed foods in a bag, box, can or wrapper, fried fast foods e.g. french fries and anything you may eat in a restaurant that is fried. It's very important to read labels now, esp. the very small print under the box of nutrition facts. My favorite tortilla chip (Fourth of July) is fried in safflower and sunflower oils, so bye bye, you bad boy.

The acceptable oils to buy and eat are olive (with a caveat to come), coconut, avocado, butter and tallow. All olive oils are not created equal and even though the label may say a lot of impressive blah-blah like extra virgin and organic, they may be adulterated. In fact, most of them are, esp. the cheaper ones. Here are some acceptable olive oils to buy: California Olive Ranch, Colavita and Lucini. Some nuts and seeds are high in toxic linoleic and should be limited. Those are walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, peanuts, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. The best low linoleic nuts to eat are hazelnuts, cashews and the best? Macadamia nuts.

Lovely and touching quote coming right up: Lou Reed died in 2013 of liver disease. He was a poet, writer and rocker from the 60' and 70's and he was married to Laurie Anderson who is an avant-garde performance artist. This is what Laurie Anderson wrote about her husband's death: "I have never seen an expression as full of wonder as Lou's as he died. His hands were doing the water-flowing 21-form of tai chi. His eyes were wide open. I was holding in my arms the person I loved most in the world and talking to him as he died. His heart stopped. He wasn't afraid. I had gotten to walk with him to the end of the world. Life - so beautiful, painful and dazzling - does not get better than that. And death? I believe that the purpose of death is the release of love."

Stay well and love one another.

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