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April News 2023

Old Timer Health Advice that actually works: The first one is "Eat chicken soup when you are sick". I agree, and make sure you put tons of garlic in your soup. 2) "Wash your hands before eating." Yes, take your Mom's advice here. 3) Air out your house." Do this all year round whenever weather permits. I love leaving the deck doors and the windows open because I live in the foothills and I get nothing but very fresh, clean air. I did this for the first time in months just a few days ago and my spirits soared. 4) Get outside every day, unless it's 10 below and it's blizzarding. This will do miracles for your mood. 5). Get enough sleep. Nuff said, just figure out how to get your 7-8 hours.

More additives to watch out for: And where do I find them on the product I am buying, Dr. Bea? In the teeny tiny print usually just below the ingredient list. 1)Titanium dioxide: A whitener, it is found in salad dressing and gum. It can ramp up autoimmune diseases and cause colorectal cancer. 2) Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO): Used in citrus flavored drinks. It can cause neurological issues like memory loss. 3) Potassium Bromate: In flour and baked goods. It's a carcinogen. 4) Red Dye #3: In sweet candies. It can cause hyperactivity and cancer. 5) Propylparaben: In baby products and cosmetics, can cause infertility. 6) Propylene Glycol: A nano particle in toothpaste, most toothpastes actually. The toothpaste I use is PG-free: Dr. Bronner's. Take the time to read labels, folks.

"Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed." Mary Oliver

Regarding your blessed mitochondria: The inner membrane of every one of the millions of mitochondria - your energy powerhouses - contain a fat called cardiolipin which is dependent on its renewal by the kinds of fat you get from your diet. Seed oils cannot renew the cardiolipin and furthermore they damage the mitochondria creating a loss of energy in the cells and therefore, you. Furthermore, seed oils can retard apoptosis which just means getting rid of elderly cells as needed so new cells can come in to replace them. So, stop all seed oils. Make sure you are not buying products - like mayo for example - made with "seeds". I buy Vegenaise made with avocado oil. (Avocado is the only seed that is O.K.). Otherwise, as far as cooking and salad oils go, you should be using only EVOO, coconut oil, avocado oil and butter or ghee. Also tallow or lard, but I don't think I will choose either one of these because of the yuck factor.

For our eyes only: For those of us who use our blue light devices for hours every day, we really should provide extra special assistance for our eyes. Both lutein and zeaxanthin are what keep our eyes healthier, and since both cross not only the retinal barrier, but the blood-brain barrier as well, they are also good for cognition. I take Eye Armor and buy it from Bulletproof.com. (You might want to buy a canister of Protein Peptides (AKA collagen) while you are at it - I put a scoop in every smoothie) I have a bottle of Eye Armor sent to me every other month which is a nice way to make sure I am taking it. I have done research on a lot of eye products and this is the one I recommend.

Long Covid and Vax Injuries: Both of these are mitochondrial injuries and if you or anyone you know is suffering from either of these here's what you could do to get better: 1) Minimize EMF exposures 2) No seed oils (see above) 3) Make sure via a blood test that you don't have an iron excess and a copper deficit. If you have iron excess you could give blood and your iron levels would be reduced, and if you have a copper deficit you could take copper bisglycinate from Thorne. 4) Get a lot of sun. 5) Near infrared saunas are good if you have the money to buy one and the space to put it in. 6) Do time-restricted eating. 7) Optimize your NAD with low dose niacinamide. 8) If you can get Methylene Blue, 99% pure Pharmaceutical Grade or USP, do this daily and take it with Vitamin C.

Balance: This is so very important especially as you get on in years. No matter how well coordinated and athletic you were in your 30's I guarantee that you will notice a difference in your balance as you age. To offset this gradual loss of balance as I have aged, I use a Balance Board and can also recommend a great book called Better Balance for Life by Carol Clement, both from Amazon. I also check my balance a lot by standing on one leg for 10-20 seconds. Do it with both legs. If I find that I can't do the minimum 10 secs, then I do this exercise daily until I am back in the healthy balance game at 20 seconds per leg. I just read about another way to exercise your balance receptors, and that is brushing your teeth while standing on one leg. And, no, I don't recommend doing this for two reasons: 1) You won't do a very good job of brushing your teeth as all of your energy will be going to keep your balance and 2) You do NOT want to fall sideways into the bathtub (like I almost did)!

Another possible risk for dementia: I wasn't even going to mention this risk because it's kinda-sorta in bad taste, but when I saw yesterday that TLC has a new TV show called Dr. Down-Below about a very personable urologist and her patients, all very graphic, I thought maybe I could mention this: Nose Picking. Surveys show that most people pick their noses which increases the risk of Chlamydia pneumonia traveling along the olfactory nerve to the brain. This is in animal models. I had no idea that mice could pick their little noses with their little paws... Anyway, the brain cells respond to the C.pneumonia bugs by depositing amyloid beta in the brain which is the hallmark sign of Alzheimer's disease. So I guess that nose-picking as a risk factor has been added to more well established risks for dementia such as sugar, a high carb diet, gut dysbiosis, low cholesterol levels, anticholinergic drugs, air pollution and vitamin B deficiencies. Just sayin'.

I will end with what His Holiness the Dalai Lama has to say about happiness: "Happiness is a habit. It does not come from anything else. Sustained happiness comes from sustained habits. Habits that promote happiness. Habits we create through discipline. A disciplined mind, through diet, exercise, and self-speak trains our brain to be happy. Happy does not come from outside, from missions planned, goals reached, houses bought, soulmates found, love or things. A happy brain is a disciplined brain. Choose happiness. Keep choosing it. Over and over again. Then, you will earn it.

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