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I'm very excited to be able to share with you what I have learned over the past many years of study and hands-on practice with thousands of patients. New information that I find in the course of my daily studies will appear on this site on a weekly basis - hopefully by every Friday. The information contained on these pages is intended to give you an idea of what I do, what I am like and what you may choose to do if you decide to work with me.

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February Newsleter 2021

From Climate Change Angst to a Sperm Shortage: (Will it never end?) Nicholas Kristof in the Sunday New York Times (2/21/21) wrote an OpEd piece called "What Are Sperm Telling Us?", and starts his column with these words: "Something alarming is happening between our legs." which is one of the best topic sentences I have ever read. Try to get hold of the article, as this sperm problem is our next dark frontier to tackle, after we "solve" climate change. (Good luck with that.) Seems that this sperm genocide - called Spermageddon - is being caused by endocrine disrupters which "mimic the body's hormones and thus fool our cells" into behaving badly. They are rampant in the plastics called phthalates. Continue >>

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The office is open for limited appointments as of June 15, 2020. Please call 303-440-6526 for an appointment.

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